Friday, September 7, 2007


This is the first time I have tried to have a blog which other people can see. I have jotted down musings in different formats all my life, in notebooks, journals, computer musings etc. Here goes.

I have been in the Child Welfare biz all my life. First, as the oldest child with much younger brothers to care for (and to boss around), then as leader of the all-male trumpet section in the high school band, to having l kids and grandkids of my own, and as a caseworker, supervisor, and administrator for a Child Protective Services agency in both the Northeast and the Southwest, and finally, as an educator for students who plan to do into Child Protective Services.

Almost 19 years ago, I met the Great Love of My Life, who has made my life full of fun, new experiences, and great joy. I have seen my children grow into Terrific Adults whom I am proud to know and enjoy. I am watching our grandchildren blossom from babies into young people. I am a very happy, very blessed woman who only sometimes falls back into complaining about the little rocks in my path. I am looking forward to seeing what this blog reflects.