Saturday, December 19, 2009

Somber Advent

This entire advent season has been a hard road, with Tex being in three hospitals, one rehab center, and he will most likely be going to a skilled nursing facility this week before Christmas. His level of alertness is up and down and all around - after two absolutely clear days he was totally confused for the last two. Sometimes I can handle it all, and sometimes I can't. My Dearly Beloved Cousin called this week and gave me a wonderful gift of Words and Tears. Now, I can sometimes cry when I realize that he is so very ill. I had nursed a secret hope that he might be strong enough to come home for the day on Christmas, but I doubt that can happen now. All I can really say is, "Lord, be mericiful."

This is A Hard Season for so many people I know. But the donkey trudges on to Bethlehem, and Christ will be born on Christmas Eve. Hallelujah!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

home or Home? Or, maybe, someplace else.

After I spent timelooking into Rehabs & skilled nursing facilities, it looks like Tex will be going to a Long Term Acute Care facility for a couple more weeks of IV antibiotic therapy. Hopefully, they can also build up his ability to swallow and take in enough liquids by mouth. Then maybe to a rehab facility where they can build up his muscles (and level of alertness) to where he can come home? I really have to face the fact that I don't know what is going to happen, and leave him in the Hands of God. I really don't like that! I want to be in charge! My prayer has been to "heal him, Lord, so he can come home - or - just take him Home. None of this long-term care stuff!" Sometimes God says, "my time is not your time." I'm not too crazy about that answer but it seems to be what I am seeing take place.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent- the time of coming

Advent is the time of "coming." I am now a little bit hopeful that Fred will get back from his 2nd hospitalization with this round of illness (in Lewisville Med Center this time), and will "come" back to rehab for a period of strengthening, and will "come home" in time for Christmas. He is responding in his more usual way to the antibiotics and hydration that he is receiving this time after his kidneys began to shut down in rehab. I think that he needed this extra round in the hospital to give him a chance to beat down this particular infection. I truly have been much more calm since he went into the hospital on Wednesday. He is "coming back to himself" instead of having his mind wander in the ozone constantly. He can even crack a few jokes again! Thank you for all your prayers.