Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Yesterday I went up to The University and found it virtually deserted. I had forgotten it was Friday before Memorial Day! I got what work I could do without other people done, then met with our IV-E students in Lewisville in the afternoon. The Texan and I went out for a drink and dinner early in the evening at one of our new favorite places. Such a nice, relaxed start to the weekend for us.

Today I am struck once again by the fact that I am the proud daughter, sister, wife, and mother of US war veterans. I still hate all the wars from Viet Nam on, as I watch my country become the "enforcer" of the world. And the fact is that I am enormously proud of my family who were willing to serve their country. I am even the daughter-in-law of a World War I veteran, as the Texan's father earned his US citizenship by serving as a Canadian citizen in the US Army. Nobody in the family has ever been career military but always citizen soldiers. I truly believe that war and killing are the most animalistic parts of the human race. And yet...
sometimes one has to defend our people and land from aggressors or be annihilated by them. I have never been able to reconcile Christ's teachings completely on anything other than a personal level. I continue to struggle with defending our country with "turning the other cheek."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What Goes Around...

My eye surgery went well; no more cataract haze, and I can actually see distances well from the eye. Hooray! It does seem as though the distance vision varies at times, but maybe that is just a normal phenomenon. I'll talk to the doctor about it on Wednesday.

This has been a pleasant week at work. It is in between semesters, so not a lot of folks around. I have been able to catch up on detail stuff left undone during the end of the semester rush. I even have my part of the new contract done and submitted to my boss who will put the finishing touches on the contract draft and send it into Austin. She and I had both worked at CPS for many years, then I came to The University, and she came a year later. While at CPS, I was in a much higher position than hers; I was very highly regarded by (most) of my peers, managers, and community agency people as one of the best direct service managers. She was in a subordinate support position. Years later, at The University, she is in a faculty tenure track position and I am in a professional staff position. She is outstanding at managing grants - much better than I. And I am grateful for her skills and support. She is clearly in her niche, and I struggle to handle my parts of writing the contract. Funny, how God leads us to the right place for each of us, and allows us to appreciate each other's strengths.

Lots of social events too this week - Enjoyed a dinner with other social workers and the NASW director in Denton; dinner with Bud, Beautiful DIL, and Little Cowpoke last night. Now I am off to a nice brunch! Whoo hoo, as we say in Texas!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Weekend

I have had a really soul-satisfying Mother's Day weekend. Lawyer Girl, who just moved into her new house last weekend andstarts a three-week trial on Monday, flew up to spend the day on Saturday. The best gift of all, the gift of time, was just perfect, not to mention the nice massage etc. Then we got to keep the Littlest Cowpoke overnight while Bud and the Beautiful Daughter-In-Law went out to celebrate themselves. Met them again to transfer custody of the 'Poke, and made arrangements for us to go out to dinner at the end of the week. 'Poke was very cuddly this morning and very well-behaved at church too. What more could a Mom want?

Elastigirl gave a fabulous sermon today, one tying Motherhood and the Church as our nurturing mother. She was poised, and so very "herself" as she talked. It is impressive to watch her grow into her own voice and presence week by week, month by month. She becomes more and more the priest she will be. I do not know how the ordination issues will sort themselves out, but they will. It is as though she is becoming a voice for God, and not one for Bishop B-head.

Lawyer Girl became very angry when she asked about Elastigirl and when she would be ordained and I told her about the B's position and the Standing Committee, saying, "No wonder, people don't go to churches with "stuff" like that going on!" What I wish I had said was that the church is made up of all the lovely and the crappy stuff that goes on with people, and that, yes, our B. is biased against strong women and is sometimes very mean and petty, but that is no different that the society in which we live. I don't go to church because of a priest or bishop, but because it is where I can best communicate with God and be part of a community of people who want to do their best to live as Christ to each other. I cannot imagine how I could continue to go on without the many gifts of kindness from the people in my parish.

All in all, it has been an incredible weekend. Thanks be to God.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

It is a week of downs and ups

Lots of frustration gong on in my head today. I had just gotten the carpets steam cleaned and two hours later the Texan spilled urine in the center of the living room! Then, last night, he made two more spills in the living room. I know that closing the urine bag consistently is hard for him - doing anything consistently is hard - but he usually gives me a day or two to enjoy a clean rug. Then I had my pre-op appointment for cataract surgery yesterday, only to get there and have them tell me the doctor was called away, but they were sure they had called me to reschedule. (No, they had not) and they would be glad to see me Friday, when I had to reschedule another appointment in order to get to the pre-op. Nothing really bad, I know, but lots of pinprick frustrations to put a damper on my day. It could be worse, and has been worse, but I vastly prefer days that run according to plan. Ok. God what is in store for today? Grading finals and working on the new contract, I know.

Lawyer Girl is coming in on Saturday morning to celebrate Mother's Day. Hurrah! She will only be here for the day and has to go back to Austin that evening, but I really appreciate the gesture. I made us appointments for a massage at Coldwater Creek Spa, way overpriced but decadently luxurious. It is so special to have time with my girl!