Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Life!

I have not written on this blog for many months. I went through quite a slump in the winter months where I could see clearly what I had lost, but had no inkling what God would send in its place. Sort of a "dark nights of the soul" period where I felt like huddling up with my dogs around the fireplace, cuddling up on my sofa. Thank heavens for good friends like Sharon, Freda Marie, and Ann and others who listened to my heartache and assured me that God did have a plan for me but I needed to be patient and let it unfold. My children and my brothers kept checking on me, thank goodness. And the grandbabies kept demanding that Life continue on.

Light did return to the world along with the early and constant heat of this blistering Texas summer. I have some new interests which are coming to fruition, and I feel younger and stronger than before. I lived with Fred's illness plus his impending and actual death for a long time. I cannot and do not regret one minute or one dollar spent on our time together; it was so rich and wonderful to be with him and all I can do is to thank God for letting me have Fred in my life. I would wish him back in a heartbeat if I could have my healthy, sweet husband back with me. But God took him home because his dear body could no longer bow to his will any more.

I am blessed with a new soulfriend in my life, and with other new friends and activities. Thank you, God for remaining with me, even when I could neither hear nor see You for a while. I am ALIVE and WELL!

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