Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Post Easter

Easter was lovely...lovely music, lovely flowers, lovely rain, and both sides of family. After doing it all, Tex and I came home and took long naps! Then I finished the taxes on Monday evening-- first time I have done our own taxes since Tex and I were married! Many thanks to our dear friend Judy for helping me along.

Today I took a day off, and what a beautiful day! Best of all we went to the Men's Drygoods Store and got Tex some new dress duds. Hooray!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Maundy Thursday Mishaps

We got the Littlest Cowpoke yesterday after his school let out early for Easter Weekend. Private schools can do that...I sure wish they had let my kids' public school out then. I always had to write a note and sometimes talk to the principal when I pulled them out for Good Friday!

Anyway, the plan was that Tex and L. C. could play outside on the MES swingset during choir practice and Tex could sit with LC (complete with new drawing materials) during the Maundy Thursday service. The best laid plans of Socialworker went awry. All the wildfires in Oklahoma, and West Texas sent their smoke to our neck of the woods. Thus, neither LC nor Tex could be outside at all. Couldn't leave them alone at home because LC would not be where I could watch him, and Tex can't supervise him alone at home. So, long story short, I had to miss the church service and watch, in order to keep my men safe and without respiratory problems. Darn!

You would think that I would be grateful that the fires were far away and had not, to our knowledge, caused any fatalities...and I am, but still I whine about missing my favorite Easter week service. God protect the firefighters and those whose property was lost and those in danger.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things are Swimming!

What a great conference in Atlanta! Things went swimmingly-- airplanes on time, wonderful workshops in which I learned new stuff, plus a visit to the new Atlanta Acquarium, where the fish are swimming. Tex did very well while I was gone which is always a great relief. It rained a lot there but to this drought-plagued Texan, that in itself was delightful!

Back home, beautiful music to learn for Easter. I am enjoying being back in the choir after about a 4 year absence, due to T's illness. He actually is doing well enough for me to sing again, which I very much enjoy doing. And only aout 5 more weeks to this semester, hurrah, hurrah.