Sunday, August 23, 2009

Contentment as the Season Changes.

Contentment is floating outside in the pool, looking at the shades of green in the trees that surround the pool. It is that wonderful time of year when it has started to cool off just a bit, and the leaves are not yet falling by the hundreds of thousands into said pool. Looking at the patterns on sunlight on the leaves while floating in my Cleopatra Queen of the Nile seat is almost guaranteed to bring peace to the soul. All I could think about was thanking God for his gift of creation. It was almost too beautiful!

Tomorrow brings the busyness of a new semester although I don't actually teach until Wednesday morning. It has been a slowed-down summer with visits from and to family, and relatively good health for Tex. The Little Cowpoke starts his journey into Kindergarten tomorrow, a big step for him. In three more weeks I will start my new baby-sitting gig on Mondays in East Dallas, in which I will enjoy snuggling, and changing diapers for the baby with the cutest cheeks ever, also known as the Baby Celtic Cowpoke. (His name is Spanish for Celt!) I do love being a Nonna.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back from Cool Country

I'm back from 5 blissful days in the cool Colorado high mesa area, where I enjoyed the fabulous hospitality of my brother and sister-in-law. Just rested, enjoyed the cool temps and the love of family. It was just what the spirit needed.

Tex did pretty darn well in my absence, thanks to caregivers and our beloved Bird Girl. And I was sooo ready to see him when I returned! Being a caregiver to a beloved husband can be really draining at times, but it is God's gift to me that we have had these past 3 years together (and, hopefully, many more to come.)

Lots of catch-up details to do, as well as cuddles with Tex and dogs. The start of the new semester is right around the corner...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It is HOT! And I'm going to cool off tomorrow. Dryheat Dan and Irish Ani, here I come.
Tex will stay here with the Tiny Tibetan Terrors, caregivers and friends checking in. Keep prayers going. I have some trepidation but he seems ok and really wants to do it this way.
My Beloved Cousin and her husband just left yesterday. She is sooo much improved.
Baby Brudder Billy turned 55 today.
Met with the rest of the Pastoral Care group and the new Deacon last night. I am hopeful.
The new semester starts three weeks from tomorrow. I am not ready for it to be here so soon.
So long 102 temperature; 49 degree lows I embrace you!