Saturday, July 12, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

What a difference a day can make! On Wednesday morning, I was complaining to Tex that I had a large knot on my neck, which kind of seemed to be growing. He INSISTED that I go to the doctor to check it out. So I did. The doctor seemed kind of alarmed by the size and hardness of the knot, told me it could be an infection, lymphoma or leukemia. Needless to say, I didn't like the last two options! He took a blood sample, and said he would call me back on Thursday without fail. Also gave me some antibiotics to take. Although I didn't panic, I didn't want to take any chances, and called in some pretty powerful pray-ers of prayers. Tex's first wife died of misdiagnosed breast cancer and I knew he would worry a lot when I told him what the MD had said. But our relationship is built on trust and honesty and besides, I knew he would worry even more if he felt that I was being less than open with him. So, he worried, my friends and I prayed, and I was really pretty calm through it all. I did not want to tell my kids who are dealing with their father's very real cancer progression.

The next day, the knot was still there in all its glory. No change at all. The doctor told me that the blood tests looked okay but to come in on Friday for a cat scan. By the time I got to his office in the late afternoon the next day, the knot had shrunk some, and he informed me that cancerous glands almost never shrink in size due to antibiotic treatment, and to call him in a week to report in on the size and condition of it then. So, today, it is still hard and painful but quite a bit smaller. Hurrah!

Bud came by yesterday evening to pick up the electric wheelchair we were given some time ago. His dad is getting weaker and can get some use out of it. He left the Littlest Cowpoke. It has been a morning of blueberry pancakes and cartoons here at the Ranchette.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Leisure by the Cement Pond

I love taking days off in the middle of the week! It feels so deliciously sinful and yet it really isn't. With lots of vacation days piled up, I'm actually doing The University a favor by taking them now. I am putting off my discussion with the new Sheriff until later in the month, which allows me more time to be sure what it is that I want to do. Meanwhile, Tex and I sat outside by the stock (little Llhasa Apsos) tank, drank our morning coffee, and enjoyed the shade and the breezes before it heats up to a bizillion degrees. Think we might actually take in a talking picture show this afternoon.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life at the R&R Ranch

Still in throes of decision-making. My latest thought is to at least work through December so that I would have two years of my higher salary to count for Social Security. What makes the most financial sense is to work through December 2009. It really depends on whether or not the new Sheriff will let me continue to work at home when I need to. We shall see.

I think that this will be a quiet 4th of July here at the R&R ranch. Bud, the BD-inlaw, and the Littlest Cowpoke are going out of town to be with the Ex. Tex and I may go to a couple of movies, and out to dinner once or twice, but mostly I am looking forward to swimming in the R&R tank (aka pool). Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer...