Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Day!

The Big Ice Storm hit the R&R Ranch. The Great University cancelled my classes yesterday, which was bad for the lesson planning but kind of good for the soul. Since our area does not invest in ice&snow equiptment the whole area shuts down for bad weather. I got to go have a leisurely visit with a neighbor down the street, and only fell down once! Skinned knee, but easily worth the price. This morning the ice is worse but supposed to go away during the day. I don't have any classes scheduled today but need to prepare for tomorrow's. Oh well, if I can't get in today, I'll just have to get up really early tomorrow.

Today is the day that my Dear Friend/Neighbor comes over for coffee so I had better get it made!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thoughts while walking

Well, the first week of school is over. It went pretty well although the Great University expects me to fit 29 students into a room with only 23 chairs! So I had students sitting on the floor - of course, they say they will move more chairs in by next week...

I got a lovely friends tag from Elastigirl which I would love to put on my website, if only I could figure out how. Thanks, EG.

We have had high 70's/low 80's temperatures in Texas in January...very weird! But as I took a walk this morning I was able to contemplate the reality of Love. I hope that my children know that God loves them exactly as they are right now, that they don't have to do anything to earn it. This took me a long time to learn. I know now that love is a free gift that can never be earned-my life with Tex taught me that. The only thing I can do in return is to be appreciative and grateful for it. Some love lasts forever and some love can be killed over time. The love that lasts is to be treasured and the love that dims or dies is to be appreciated for the gifts and lessons that it brought. But the only thing that makes us truly happy is the love that we give and are given.

These are not new or original thoughts but they are life-giving ones when truly absorbed.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


In Fr. Court's sermon on the Lord's calling to Samuel, he said that God calls out to us as well. It reminded me that as I lay in bed yesterday before rising in the morning I had said "Be it unto me...etc." Maybe all that weirdness was the Lord saying quite loudly, "Don't go." Ya think?

Weird Day

For some reason yesterday morning I could not go to the memorial service/wake for my Ex. I woke up yesterday morning fully intending to drive to Austin for the event. I was dizzy, had a peculiarly flat affect, started packing, went to get Tex up, and had one of the strangest emotional meltdowns I have had since leaving my 2's. I ended up being able to talk some with the ever-patient, ever-loving Tex who helped me clarify it a little bit. Talked to my kids, then spent the morning curled up in my chair, and later going back to bed. I woke up about 4 PM and felt quite ok. It was not a grief reaction for the Ex, although I'm not quite sure what it was. Something about not being willing to put myself through any more pain, both physical and emotional? The sobbing might have been a grief reaction for myself? All I know is that it was powerful with a capital P!

God bless Tex for loving me through one of the weirder days of my life; God bless my kids who were understanding. God bless Ex for helping me create and raise these two fabulous grown-up children, moving me to Texas, and divorcing me so that I could marry the most truly loving man that anyone could ever hope for.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Socialworker's Extreme Home Mess

Painting, painting, painting!!! I remember why I never do do-it-yourself projects in my home...without fail, I come up against something that defeats me, my total ignorance. Tried to start painting the entry wall on Friday but discovered (1) the paint looked cherry red on the wall, no, no, NO! and (2) the wallpaper design showed through. Well, most of you have heard of putting down a primer coat before, but not moi. Then, I was introduced to spackle... Needless to say, several trips back to the hardware store and I have new supplies and new friends in the Paint Department. I will try to actually make some progress on this tonight and tomorrow. Say lots of prayers for me, please!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mercury is in Retrograde

This has been kind of a frustrating week! Got caught in a HUGE traffic jam trying to go to work; then the elevator got stuck; caregiver who is normally absolutely reliable has been late twice this week, etc. etc. etc. As my friend Sara would say, "Mercury is in retrograde!" I don't believe in astrology but something is going on! Maybe God just wants me to slow down and listen to him instead of trying to be so darn busy, ya' think?

Tex is doing very well at the moment. We are starting on a new round of MD visits, which are time-consuming and accomplish very little. The latest neurologist has tentatively diagnosed Tex as having 'PSP" form on Parkinsonism, as if it would make any difference in his treatment. What we do know is that he is ever so much better than he was 3 years ago. Hurrah!

Since we have the beautiful wood floor in I have become motivated to paint in several rooms of the house. So I am starting on the front wall of the living room tomorrow to make it an accent wall, then on to the kitchen and my bathroom. . Maybe my small spurt of creativity will keep me out of trouble? I doubt it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year 2009

I do not have anything profound to say for this New Year's morning. No resolutions to keep or break. Just some wishes.
I wish for good health for all the Jessup/Griffiths/Rozell clan.
I wish for strength, wisdom, and good humor for myself as I go through the good life God has given me.
I wish for Bud and BDIL and the Littlest Cowpoke a healthy, happy Itty Bitty Cowpoke/ette?
I wish for our country that we turn into a deeply caring nation who uses our resources to help ourselves and the world become a better place for all of God's people.
In fact, I really do wish for peace on earth, good will to women (that is a term that includes men).