Saturday, April 26, 2008

God's Plan for Us

We started today working on the new strategic plan for Annunciation. This is a process whereby the entire parish has an opportunity to be a part of creating and shaping how and where Annunciation will develop during the next 5 years. I always find this kind of planning to be an exciting work. When I see how far this parish has come in the almost 17 years that the Texan and I have been attending, I am amazed. It was a family-led church, just becoming a pastoral church when we started coming intermittantly in the fall of 1991. Our Amazing Rector was the new Vicar, having come about a year before us. He has grown our tiny mission into a thriving Corporate church, that is in the top 2% of Episcopal churches in the nation for active! attendance! It is highly unusual for any church to sustain this much growth, and even less likely that one priest could make those changes along with the parish. The Diocese of Dallas was incredibly foolish not to choose him as bishop. He has so much to teach other clergy about changing styles of leadership. We are truly blessed to have such a rector.

Tex is ever so much better, back to his usual rascally self. It was a miserable 3 week process but another blessing reminding us of the fragility of life. And that this fragile life can be so very good!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Spring in Texas is so fleeting most years that we miss it altogether. Not this year!
We have had lots of spring storms, winds, a few tornados, and oodles and oodles of spring flowers. To my joy, my new iris bed has escaped my black thumb and is putting out lots of blooms. Lavender and white ones, purple and cream ones, light yellow, brilliant yellow, even a delicate pink! And there are several more to open this week. Last year I went to the iris farm near us in Argyle, bought about 20 iris bulbs, planted them, and crossed my heart that they lived. Dolly Dog ate two of them, actually, just dug them up, nipped at them, and threw them for hours, after which they were just shreds of what might have been bulbs. But the others made it, and 13 out of the 18 have bloomed or are putting out blooms. Don't tell me iris are hardy and that you can't kill them... I can kill any plant! But these are beautiful! I'm so proud.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not So Good

The Texan is doing very poorly today. I found him having fallen on the floor, which is carpeted, thank goodness! He is very groggy today, not making a whole lot of sense, and, most ominously of all, not drinking very much liquid. I have convinced him that he needs to be in a wheelchair today because the carpet cleaners have left the carpet wet and slippery (true in the living room) but he has not been out of his room today.

I am afraid to leave him even to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for him. I haven't been able to find anyone home this glorious spring morning who can stay with him. Aha, maybe Bird Girl could - I get ideas just by writing out the problem. Let's see if that will work.... Hooray! she and her husband will come by in an hour or so to stay with him while I run errands. She is such a terrific help to me and her Dad.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Rain

Tex came home from the hospital on Sunday, proceeding to be the worst he has been in years that night. Delusional, unable to walk straight, up several times in the night, falling etc. One of the problems is that the dad-blamed hospital decided to reduce his amount of IV fluid the night before and didn't tell anyone. So they sent him home from the hospital dehydrated! I got caretakers for all this week, 8 hours a day, but have tried to manage him myself at night. (24 hour care is just prohibitively expensive.) He has come back some, has periods of clarity, and is joking again but is still unable to walk much. He is really trying to cooperate and is drinking about 90 ozs. of water a day. How can he go down that much that quickly?

It is getting to the end of the semester for me, so lots of papers to grade etc. My friends have been terrific, calling to check on me, bringing food etc. Exhaustion seems to be my middle name right now, since I sleep lightly, listening to see when and if he gets up. Please keep him in your prayers. big time!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Love is All Around Us

The Texan is back home after his hospital stay for a bad UTI. He is still somewhat delusional but better than he was when he went in. Yesterday, he seemed really clear, but they cut his IV intake without upping his liquid intake and he regressed today. I felt that it was really important to bring him home so he didn't get "hospital psychosis" on top of everything else. I have fulltime coverage for him all this week, and I can manage him at night. So far.

I went to Austin with my kids to attend the Ex's goodbye party, and am so very glad I did. He was gracious and just glowing to see all the people who came to see him. Old friends and new. I was delighted to see his cousin Sally whom I hadn't seen for nearly 40 years. He is very gaunt and frail but just glowing with love for his family and friends, and especially for Gail, his wife. It made me happy just to be there and see that. I want to keep that picture in my mind whenever I think of him.

Thank you to all of you who went to see the Texan in the hospital while I was gone; he loved all the visits and the caring that you expressed.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And it keeps on raining!

Well, the Texan is back in the hospital. Hopefully he just has an infection that will respond to a different antibiotic than the one he has been on since Monday. We may find out more tomorow. It was great being able to reach Dr. Incredible - Elastigirl's fella - when I couldn't get a hold of his primary care physician. PCP also came by this evening. Both Docs know the Texan well, and could tell he wasn't himself right now.
In the meantime, the Ex is holding on, and his wife has had to deal with her brother's death also this week. It never rains but it pours! As Lawyer Girl said so perfectly, "Mom, I'm going to quit answering calls from my parents. It's always one of you falling apart!" Of course, being the Wonderful Daughter she is, she also said that she always wanted me to call when her Beloved Stepfather goes to the hospital. My kids are really reeling right now! Please send lots of prayers to Ben and Meg, they could use them as much as their parents right now.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Grace Under Fire

My Ex and his wife got the grim news yesterday that there is no treatment for his cancer as surgery, radiation and chemo have been ruled out for various reasons. Although recognizing the meaning of the news, he has responded in an unusual and very generous way - he is having a BIG party next weekend to celebrate the 29th anniversary of his wedding to the Stepmother! He said to bring lots of joy to the occasion. The Texan and I are planning to go and help them celebrate. My thoughts at the time of his re-marriage was one of relief, that he was now going to have someone else to be with him. Even though there have been some bad feelings over the years, I have to admit that she has been the best thing that happened to him since the birth of our children and that she has truly loved our children over the years. God bless them, and give them joy!